A Day of Travel

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The time had come. The time for travel! Yesterday, I set off for Tarragona. An unexpected journey, but one I had come to look forward too. Every downside in life has a contrasting upside. Some people tend to dwell on the downside for far too long. Me? I’m gliding straight up that upside avenue! To be fair, I can’t complain too much. I’m going to a city where the weather is a constant 30 degrees, occupied by numerous stretches of beach and a culture I had become accustomed to through living in Barcelona. You’re all aware of the downsides by now, so it’s time to look on this journey in a more positive note. A new experience, a new destination and a new challenge. I can’t wait!


Yesterday was dedicated to a day of travel. A long day too. To say I was tired upon arrival was an underestimation. The…

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