Educational Traveling: Greece

Cindy Bruchman

Mykonos. A Getty image, not mine. Not yet!

I’ve moved and traveled all my life. Once you get a taste for traveling, staying put in one place is difficult. As a child, we moved and experienced different states like Illinois and Wisconsin and California. I worked full-time at sixteen and paid for my first trip to London and the countryside when a teacher offered the trip. At eighteen, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and trained in Orlando and San Diego before stationed at the northern tip of Scotland for four years. From there, as a dependent wife (Is there a more deplorable phrase invented by a man?) we were assigned to a communication station on the coast of Maine.

I became a teacher at 38 and continued on with graduate school. I moved from Illinois to Virginia to teach, and now I live in Arizona fully vested in my career…

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