Interview: Anna and Matt from Hostelgeeks

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One of the best things about travelling on a budget is trying to find cool design hostels! Almost like a game we play every time there’s a need to book an accommodation. As you’ve probably noticed (or it might as well be the pure reason why you are reading this article and our blog) we are always on the hunt for the next hip destinations and its most interesting cafes, restaurants and hostels. Forget about 5-star hotels! The world is changing and so is the traveler’s mindset and needs. Now we have 5-star hostels thanks to the Hostelgeeks team.

Understandably, I was thrilled to find their website!  After browsing the content for what seemed like an hour I realized that I felt almost like meeting a blogger soulmate. It is always great to find likeminded people with love for design and travelling.

Curious to learn more about the…

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