Lessons learned from Travelling with Toddlers

Topsy Turvy Tribe

Travelling with toddlers is hard work, some would say, not us, we love it!  When we thought about travelling with our toddlers family and friends told us to wait until they were older, when they could remember the places we were travelling to; so that they too could benefit from all of the amazing experiences that travel affords you.  We disagreed, even though they might not be able to remember all of the places when they are older, we truly believe that their childhood experiences will help them grow and evolve into considerate global citizens, so we decided to go for it.  We also had a very good reason for choosing to travel now; our youngest child, Mayhem had a major operation to remove a benign tumour when he was 11 months old and it turned our world topsy turvy and reevaluate everything.  We packed up and shipped out, escaped the rat…

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