The Colors of Travel

The Snow Melts Somewhere

I crave color. Variety. Taking on a new role, being that other version of myself. I want to breathe in the fresh air on a hilltop overlooking the forever sparkling Mediterranean and notice the two shades of blue in the sea. I want to eat food that smirks at my taste buds and brings me those long lost flavors.

Walking little streets randomly has always been one of my favorite travel vices. I love to try to get myself lost, then to stumble back on track. I’ve found the most amazing shops and bakeries that way. Of course, I always try the bakeries.

Sometimes I see ordinary homes and imagine who lives in them. Sometimes the plants scattered around jump out at my camera. You never know what you’ll find.

For months after a trip, I can still detach myself at will, place myself back there… right where I want…

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