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Hi, everyone! 🙂

I’ve been tagged for the Travel tag.

travelingBefore I start, I would like to thank K.M. Sutton for tagging me. She posts great articles and tags. Do visit her blog! 😀

Let’s get started:

  1. You are leaving tomorrow to start a life in a new country, where would you go? 

    Image result for londonI think it would be nice to start a new life in London because it’s a beautiful place.

  2. You can take someone for a weekend away to the place you had the best holidays ever, where would that be and who would you take to go with you? 

    Image result for switzerlandI would have to choose Switzerland. I love the mountains, the greenery, the snow and everything about this place. Plus, the atmosphere is very relaxing which is perfect for a weekend getaway.

  3. You can get married wherever you want to, your budget is limitless, what is your choice?

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