To Travel Is To Live | Athens, Greece Travel Diary Part I

So Beautiful Article and awesome pics 🙂

Thoughts in Style

“It’s the start of something new.” See what I did there? High school musical lovers will understand. Anyways, if you’ve been following Thoughts in Style for a longer time you know that I would always do “A Day In…” posts. But I wanted to change it up a little. I felt that those posts were more travel diaries so that’s what they are going to be called from now on. In this first one you’ll read all about my first couple of days in Athens, Greece! I have lots of stories and photos to share with you so have fun reading ✈️

DAY ONE | Wednesday July 6, 2016

Our very first day started off very early. At 3:30 AM my alarm went off and I made sure everyone was awake (we had a little sleepover of course). We had half an hour to get ourselves ready, pack the last…

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