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Out an' About

Life is so much more fun in pairs. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy time alone, which is fortunate as hubby’s interstate for work again. I’ve kept myself busy, especially with a four legged energetic Lamborghini in the family.  But it’s always better when he’s around, sharing the highs and lows, the good days and the ordinary ones.

Seems it’s the way of nature too. Like we’re wired to be in company and part of something bigger. Like these guys.

Merlin and Wilbur (800x533)

This is my daughter’s horse Merlin and his buddy Wilbur behind him. We all need friends to keep us optimistic and looking forward, watching our back.

Lamas at Moonambel (800x600)

Have you ever had a bad hair day or got caught wearing the same sweater as your bestie?  That’s what these two alpacas remind me of when I look at them.

Reminds me that we shouldn’t take life too seriously. Nor judge others by…

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