Global Tiger Numbers Increase for the First Time in 100 Years — The Jaguar


This article from National Geographic’s Brian Clark Howard provides the perfect counter to last week’s dismal news. For the first time in 100 years, global tiger (Panthera tigris) numbers are on the rise. This success is the result of intense conservation efforts that have focused on curtailing poaching, connecting tiger habitats, compensating local people for […]

via Global Tiger Numbers Increase for the First Time in 100 Years — The Jaguar



  1. Hello, and thank you for sharing my post! However, I’d like to point out that a few days after I published it contradictory reports emerged. It seems that some scientists were concerned that tiger numbers have not actually increased, but that we have simply gotten better at counting them. For the sake of fairness, here is a link to the post in which I summarize some of those competing claims:

    I hope I have not caused you any embarrassment by not properly editing this post after the contradictory claims emerged. I have since made it much more clear that not everyone agrees global tiger numbers are growing, to hopefully prevent any further confusion. If you would like me to issue some sort of public apology, I will do so.


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