The Voyage of Freydis : Book Review


I have to admit, the first thing that was attractive about this book is the cover. I love books about mythology and the fact this is historical fiction, a retelling of the life of Freydis Eiriksdottir, the first and only woman to sail across the North Atlantic on a Viking expedition, sounds epic.

(c) Trang Tran

But did it deliver? Not at all. First off, it felt as if the whole book was a big draft. The writing is borderline childish, it’s repetitive for the kind of big themes it was going for and the editing just felt rushed. The emotions that the author tried to convey to its reader, were totally off. We were just thrown at, we don’t know anything about Freydis as a woman, but only as a victim of abuse. As if portraying Freydis any more than a victim was too much for the book.


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